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     TABLE OF CONTENTSCaps FlangesInlet 92Stack 42 Narrow Band Clamp 60Flat Band 59Hanger 56Mounting Bracket 39,57Muffler Shield 77OEM Wide Band Socket Joint 41Lap Joint Exhaust Clamp 60V-Band Manifold 73Tilt Cab 47-48Bushings 39Exhaust “Y” 43-44Adjustable 890-Deg Standard Radius Long Lengths 290-Deg Short Radius Long Lengths 445-Deg Standard Radius Long Lengths 645-Deg Short Radius Long Lengths 7180-Deg Short Radius 5Tangent Ends Short Radius 5Bolted PlateGrab HandlesShield Mounting Clamp GasketResonatorsSpool & Lower Stack Piece Car Hauler/Dump TruckLong CurvedSlash Cut6-5,7-5,8-5 ReducedFreightlinerPeterbiltDisconnectAluminumStraight & Bendable6477,7977 727719 131516, 18,2112 & 223123-3055939Rain 42ClampsFull Circle 55Tube/Turbo Connector 53CouplersFlex Hose 43Flex Tube Connector 43Chassis GrabberBall JointsSchool Bus Exhaust Pipes95-9662-648Flared & Special 50-52Guard AssembliesStack & Mufflers 28,74-76,79E-Z Seal Flatband 59Replacement PartsRetainer 72Heavy-Duty 57-58Spark Arrestor 80Muffler 77StacksOEM Wide Band Butt Joint 40Curved 14,17,18,21,22Tru-Seal 59Mitered 11,17,18,20V-Band with Hinge 73Straight 10, 18, 20Manifold 49One Piece 17Combo KitsKenworth 32-37Dividers-RElbowsWestern Star 38Tube ConnectorsExhaust “T” 45-46Stack Breaker 54Tubing90-Deg Standard Radius 245-Deg Short Radius 7Flexible Metal 61-6290-Deg Short Radius 4Mufflers45-Deg Standard Radius 6Mufflers 82-91Muffler-Stacks 78Thermal InsulationThermal Tape Wrap 94180-Deg Standard Radius 3Tangent Ends Standard Radius 3Mounting SystemAluminum Tubing 93Expanders/Reducers 46-47Bellows Assemblies 64-71UNI08V2 Catalog Reprint 1

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