PETERBILT | 389 DAYCAB | Bolt-On PICKETT For Details, Hover over the DISPLAY
The new tier 4 exhaust system equipped 389 Peterbilt wasn’t made for us Pickett lovers out there, that is, until we got our hands on it. The UNIBILT kit raises the bar on the whole chrome kit game and moves the DPF | SCR step forward the two inches required to fit that perfect looking 90 degree elbow. The day cab provided different obstacles than the 400lbs. step move, and led to a new custom engineered angle 1217|1317 BJ style clamp. It allows you to mount a RP elbow without moving anything. Look how perfect that fits. The OEM clamps are weak. Pins shake off and clamps fail.We let engineering loose and, well, they did what they do. They improved the design. This clamp mounts directly to the OEM bracket using supplied adaptors plates and boasts a stronger connection and cotter pin assembly. New swivel bushing and more durable support bushings come with the clamp assembly. This is one of the most tech clamps to ever leave our doors. That OEM frame bracket is not going to cut it. Luckily Z Series Kits give you everything you NEED...and we thought your chrome elbow should be mounted to two chrome clamps, which are mounted to a burley chrome bracket. These custom DESIGNED chrome on chrome brackets take you’re exhaust to another level. A laser cut DP makes it easy to know your getting the original handcrafted chrome exhaust system. Made in the USA by Dynaflex.